Team & Expertise

The firm takes pride in a highly motivated and dedicated team of legal professionals. Our areas of expertise give our team a practical wisdom, legal clarity and business instinct and we believe in motto "let our experience be your guide". The confidence to proceed with practicing excellence begins with service and ends with a human touch. We provide a common ground but uncommon vision as we just not create ideas but also make our clients believe that if you have got ideas, we protect them.

Our team has extensive experience in providing legal support to clients operating in different locations across the world in corporate sector, business enterprises, investment and trading world for effective resolution of the issues referred. Apart from handling Court litigation, the services being rendered include advisory and guidance on almost every aspect related to commercial activities which include service law, business law, criminal complaints, constitutional matters and dealings of all kinds with individuals, government departments and Corporate within and beyond territorial limits of the country. The firm is well equipped in terms of highly specialized man power and infrastructure to provide auxiliary support in the shape of legal opinions, drafting of agreements and contracts, end to end services for completion of commercial deals including title search report, registration of documents, revenue matters and all such activities requiring legal expertise.